Terance Maxie Smith

Born to Jamaican parents in 1979, raised and educated in south London, Terance established I2E in 2010, building a team and creating new contacts by stopping at nothing to push the boundaries proving nothing is unrealistic. At the same time Terance has worked for the prison services Headquarters in HR pay and policies. After 8 years climbing the ladder to management he went on to support young people into education at Lambeth College, delivering empowerment sessions and short courses designed to enable participants to prosper and grow. Terance continues to deliver lively energetic presentations and workshops by seeking to guide and inspire young people.

Khai Bailey Smith

Khai Bailey Smith aka Limitless, I am 16 years old. I run my own Black History business called Useni. I am a up and growing journalist, entrepreneur, videographer, photographer and motivational speaker. My inspiration comes from the fact that there is not many young people my age doing what I do; this motivates me to carry on and inspire other young people my age. To show them they can be just like me and they are truly limitless.