Funding Support

At HIVE and SEEK business start up we offer the following services

  • The development of structured business plans that highlight specific/relatable functions of      your business/organization
  • Financial settings that depict growth and further development
  • Additional Governance; Appropriate documentation that establishes the roles and duties of the members of your business/organisation
  • Bespoke Support Services: Overall business management inclusive of the day- to-day functions and processes monitored for a minimum period 6-12months.
  • Creative Branding Development
  • Project Funding: We focus on the development of constructing appropriate proposals for community and cooperate funding streams.

We provide a robust development service, which is geared towards aiding individuals or groups who have ideas for specific projects. We aim to refine these ideas into working regimes equipped to further engage in community activity.


Our process involves the following steps: –

Refining Ideas – Project Eligibility – Project Branding